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What We Do
Lt. Col. Casey Miller - Commander 2021-2023

The 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, headquartered at the Shadow’s Edge in downtown San Antonio, is the premier cyberspace capabilities development organization in the United States Air Force; delivering software to enable offensive and defensive cyberspace operations for the combatant commands and the military services.  

Our Shadow Warriors iteratively deliver working software to our customers using mature agile development practices with cross-functional teams consisting of developers, product owners, and scrum masters.   

Our software factory employs over 100 highly-skilled military, civilian, and contractor developers who create unique capabilities to rapidly support real-world cyberspace missions. In our DevOps environment, our development crews are heavily engaged with our customers enabling the stakeholders to provide regular feedback to help guide us in producing the best product to meet their requirements. 

The Shadow Warriors would like to invite you to come help us achieve our strategic intent to propel the quality and quantity of operations by delivering trusted options, integrating with task forces, and growing the future force – from an environment our people love. 

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