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Strategic Intent

Propel the quality and quantity of Title 10 operations before 2027 by delivering trusted options, integrating with task forces, and growing the future force - from an environment our people love.

Delivering Trusted Options

We do not build shelfware. We continuously deliver bespoke options tailored to customer requirements that enable them to build and break kill chains at the speed of relevance. We deliver these products through automated mechanisms that enable trust from operators and those charged with validating their functionality and security.

Integrating with Task Forces

We integrate directly with our task force customers to collect, understand, and anticipate their needs. Customer integration is our strength, and largely what sets us apart from other cyber capability development organizations. We deliver capability iteratively and incrementally, responsive to changing needs and timelines, valuing collaboration over contract.

Growing the Future Force

We cannot succeed without the right people. We recruit, grow, and retain the highest quality personnel, and provide them the resources and command intent to accelerate our mission. Given our unique role, we have a responsibility to use our voice to influence Air Force and U.S. Cyber Command decisions which impact our workforce.

Environment Our People Love

We invest in a high-quality, efficient, reliable, secure, and effective development environment that Shadow Warriors love and customers trust.

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