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Express News Interview

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An Air Force software development unit specializing in cyberspace operations has moved into a historic downtown San Antonio building. The 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron is now operating out of the San Antonio Light Building at 420 Broadway, which is also home to MySA and the San Antonio Express-News. The unit will fill a 43,000-square-foot space dubbed "Shadow’s Edge" with 225 developers and staff beginning this fall, according to a news release. Those software developers will specialize in offensive and defensive tech development in support of U.S. Cyber Command, also known as USCYBERCOM, which focuses on bolstering the cyberspace capabilities of the Department of Defense. 

"At Shadow’s Edge, we are pushing through the darkness and moving into the light," said Lt. Col. Casey "Waldo" Miller, 90 COS Commander, in the news release. "We are accelerating the delivery of access and payload capabilities; propelling the quality and quantity of cyber operations. We succeed
because we recruit, grow, and retain the very best talent in the world"

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